Carpet Cleaning Medford Oregon

Carpet Cleaning in Medford, Oregon

Unlike hard floors that can be mopped daily to remove dirt and keep stains under control, carpets collect and hide a surprising amount of unwanted material every single day. The problem is, the dirt and allergens your regular vacuuming routine can’t touch really requires the work of a professional. With foot traffic from people, kids, and pets, as well as occasional spills, your carpets take a beating. Just a Note is here to help.

Most carpet manufacturers require regular deep cleaning in order to maintain warranties. Along with an annual deep cleaning, we recommend regular maintenance to keep your carpets fresh and clean all year long. Our “Stay Beautiful” maintenance program includes a 6-month deep clean of open carpet areas (with no furniture moving required) and traffic lane touch-ups as needed.

Looking for color correction? Bleach, pet stains, and harsh chemicals can cause permanent damage, removing color from your carpet. At Just a Note, we have the training to restore your carpet to like new condition. Our color blending techniques will carefully replace the missing color, camouflaging damaged areas beautifully.

Clean carpets can dramatically improve the look of a room. Over time, carpet fibers break down, causing a dull and worn appearance. Regular maintenance increases the longevity of your carpets while eliminating odors and keeping dirt, pet hair, dander, and allergens under control. Our products are non-toxic and always safe for children and pets.

High-traffic areas and homes with children and pets can often benefit from a little extra attention. Carpet protectant can help keep stains from setting as quickly, prolongs the life of your carpets, and keeps them looking cleaner between professional treatments. Just a Note can apply carpet protectant according to manufacturer specifications to keep your carpets looking their best at all times.

Jeremy’s state-of-the-art training and certification with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoring Certification (IICRC) enables Just a Note to provide you with the highest quality custom carpet cleaning in Medford, Oregon.

Click here to read more about how often you should be cleaning your carpets according to the IICRC. And don’t forget to give us a call to learn why we do the best carpet cleaning Medford Oregon has to offer.

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We were very pleased with the service and the results. Just a Note cleaned our wall-to-wall carpets and applied soil protection. They are definitely deep cleaned and dried in just a few hours even after the soil protection was applied. We were moved back in the same afternoon and are enjoying the results.

Steve Cameron via Angie’s List, June 2015

[Jeremy] was very thorough and very nice. He stuck to the price. He was more than willing to help me move the heavy furniture. I will definitely have him back. I felt very comfortable around him. He was very professional and friendly.

Sherry Christofferson via Angie’s List, May 2015

I wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with the look and smell of our clean carpet. I only wish we had done it earlier. Kudos to you and your wife for a job well done.

May the Lord bless you for all the good work that you do and for the pleasure you give with such a courteous attitude.

Best wishes, Chuck & Carolyn

Chuck & Carolyn, October 2017

Jeremy, the owner of Just A Note, did an excellent job. All carpets were cleaned in the whole house and an excellent job was done!!! This was the first time they were professionally cleaned since I bought my home 9 years ago. He was able to remove the dog urine odor from the bedroom carpet completely. He was helpful, patient, knowledgeable, friendly, an excellent worker, and he did a thorough job, giving me informed options and choices. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Jeremy patiently took the time and space to answer my multitude of questions. Truly a job well done by Just A Note.

Marvin Ratner, Ashland

We are a business office and the existing carpet is very old, and dirty with many, many deep, dark stains. Jeremy came by the office to see what he had to work with. He was extremely pleasant and very professional. He gave me an estimate and we talked about the age of the carpet as well as the condition of the carpet. I did not expect much since the stains were so bad. Boy was I surprised! When he was done, the carpet looked almost NEW! I could not believe it. How he got those old, dark ground in stains out of the carpet is beyond my imagination, but he did. It has been several weeks now and I still cannot believe how wonderful the carpet looks. It’s amazing! I would highly recommend you not call anyone else. Call Jeremy at Just A Note.

Cheryl Ousey via Angie’s List, Nov. 2015

The job was done in a timely manner, by a very courteous technician who came in and explained what he was doing, then went about getting the job done. After a thorough pre-vacuum he got out a rotary extractor that did an amazing job at the high traffic areas and stains in my carpet. I appreciated how courteously he explained how I can better maintain my carpets by simply vacuuming more frequently. He explained in a scientific but easy to understand way as to how to keep my carpets cleaner in the long run and why these methods were beneficial. He was very professional and I did not feel as if he was only trying to make a quick dollar, like the previous carpet cleaners did.

Nick Burris via Angie’s List, March 2014

The owner and his assistant were right on time. They got to work promptly. They had a strong work ethic, and were very focused on the job. They explained things well. They were pleasant and easy to work with. They did a fine job. We are pleased with the results.

Diane Elliott via Angie’s, Jan. 2015

Jeremy, his dad, and his son showed up right on time and got right to work. We just bought this home and the carpets were very dirty and had a horrible dog smell…Yuck!!! They did a really AWESOME job getting the carpets cleaned and deodorized… Jeremy even took the time to do the living room twice (that was the worst part of the house) and got it much cleaner than I thought was possible. I will definitely be using them again and would definitely recommend them to all my family and friends.

Consuelo Bartyzal via Angie’s List, July 2015

Jeremy cleaned my carpets so well a surgeon would not hesitate to perform surgery there! Words cannot describe how pleased I am with Just A Note. Given this, I not only highly recommend them, I feel they should be ranked as the number one Move Out and Carpet Cleaning company in the Rogue Valley! Thank you!

P. Bradford Cobb via Angie’s List, Oct. 2015

Just a Note was recommended to us by our realtor, and we’re glad she did! We needed someone to come on a Saturday morning, and the other larger company I’d contacted didn’t work Saturdays. When I called to schedule, Jeremy called back within minutes. They arrived on time and got to work immediately; both he and his dad were personable and knowledgeable about carpets, and Jeremy explained quite a range of other cleaning services that he offers. I like that he uses environmentally friendly cleaning products that aren’t perfumed or allergenic. Their machines extracted nearly all the water – most of the carpet was dry in 3 hours or less. There was no chemical odor, and they finished very promptly.

Anne LaFrance via Angie’s List, March