Upholstery furniture is very soft and comfortable compared to other materials, but it can be harder to maintain sometimes. Here are some tricks to help maintain your upholstery furniture, as well as make it last longer.

Vacuum it regularly

When you clean your home and carpets, you should vacuum your upholstery too. Take off the cushions and start with the base of the furniture. Then, work your way up to the cushions. You should use a handheld vacuum or a vacuum with a handheld attachment. It will make a big difference in appearance, and it will help the upholstery last longer because it removes dust, dirt, and crumbs from all the action it sees.

Get professional upholstery cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning will really help your furniture last longer. Bisaillon recommends that you clean upholstery professionally every 12 to 24 months. If you have children, pets, or both, you should get a professional cleaning done more often. The professional cleaning will remove dirt, dander, and allergens from your upholstery better than a regular cleaning can. Professional cleaning can also remove the spots and spills that have gathered on your furniture over time.

Clean up stains immediately

When you, your kids, or your pets make a mess on your upholstery, make sure you clean it up immediately. Messes are usually a lot easier to clean up when they are still fresh and are still just a spot instead of a stain. Make sure to blot liquid spills with a dry, absorbent cloth. Do not scrub. That can cause pile distortion. Work your way from the outside of the spot to the inside, continuously blotting to soak up the spill.

Have Scotchgard applied

After your upholstery is professionally cleaned is a great time to apply Scotchgard. It looks brand new, and you want to keep it that way. Scotchgard is a high-quality fabric protector that will protect your upholstery from stains, soiling, and it keeps your upholstery cleaner for longer.

Cleaning upholstery is the key to keeping it in good shape. To prevent serious damage and prolong the life of your upholstery, give us a call today to get your upholstery professionally cleaned. It will look like new, and that new look will last a long time.

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